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I just spoke to my breeder about spaying Chanel and I also talked to someone else's breeder about spaying Maltese. And I think the woman you spoke with cheated on her vet assistant test!!!!
For pete's sake!

My breeder told me to wait until she is "at around 7 or 8 months. This way if she has retained baby teeth they can be pulled at the same time. No need to put her to sleep twice. She will probably not go into heat till around 7 to 8 month of age. That is the usual time for Maltese." She has been breeding Maltese for 20 years.

Also, I spoke to Brittlot's breeder (who is very nice and informative) and she said, "It is better to have one heat than to lose her under surgery,,,, I have had many many have one heat and with NO repercussing's,,all my fermale I recomend that they dont have her spayed till at least 9 months old, most toy breeds dont have their first heat till around a year of age". She has been breeding for atleast 20 years as well.

So, I have concluded that Chanel will get spayed when she is about 7-9 months old. I spayed my Rottie at 6 months and she recovered quick, but these are such tiny little dogs...I still need to get more information. I was going to get her spayed at 6 months, but maybe 8 months is a good average?

Also, the VCA near my house charges $225-$250 to spay her. Absolutely ridiculous. I need to look around and price compare.

Hope this helped a bit!

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