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Do malts coats change texture at a certain age. Myah has a cottony coat, how come some have such silky coats? Or is it the products you use?
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Sadie has a coat the reminds me of cotton candy. When it get a little to long it looks I took out braids and has that rope look. I've never let it get real long so don't know what it would look then.
Mine seen to be going to a creamier shade,they use to be much whiter.Their coat seems more coarse as they age too. One is still silky and one is still cottony,but not as soft as they were when they were younger...
I wonder if it changes w/ age too...
Genetics definitely play a huge part of it. Products won't make a true cottony coat silky, unfortunately. There are different variations of silk, some coats are a coarser silk.

What are you using on Myah now, shampoo and conditioner wise?
Malts' coats can range all over the place from thin to thick from cottony to silky and everywhere in between. Some are silky on parts of their bodies and cottony on others. Some have very straight hair and in others it may have a wave to it.

Catcher's hair is somewhat cottony but when my groomer does a good job, his can look silky. I can see a difference in grooming appointments where sometimes she does a better job than others.
..and lest we not forget, diet plays an important role in the condition of our dogs' hair and scalp just as in humans. :)
I use an oatmeal shampoo and conditioner, not sure the brand name I will have to check. You guys prob think I am crazy but the last 3 weeks I have taken her to the groomers for her bath. They use a whitening shampoo. I havent notice a change its always been cottony.
Your puppy is still very young. I would keep on doing what you are doing but eliminate the whitening shampoos as they can dry out the coat which doesn't help a cottony coat at all. Be sure to use a good moisturizing conditioner. Brush daily.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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