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SM Facebook?

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Hi! I'm on facebook and I was wondering if Spoiled Maltese has a group? Or maybe another group a lot of you are in? It would be cool to have some maltese facebook friends to keep in touch with when I get my maltese baby in the future! If you do can you invite me, or if you want to add me that would be cool too!!

Sorry if this has been asked but I couldn't find anything in the forums.

My name is Maggie ([email protected]) oh and i love this chili guy he is funny :chili:
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I sent you a friend request!
I think it would be wonderful if we had a SM group! Is there one yet?
Thats so weird! Just today I searched for an SM FB group!
Maybe there should be one! If there isn't already
I guess I don't see the point? Why have a FB group if we already have SM?
I guess I don't see the point? Why have a FB group if we already have SM?
From a phone application point of view, FB is much easier to access :p

With SM, you gotta access via phone's Internet which is fine, but there will sure be less typing and navegation to do if there was a phone application for SM.. hey, that would be an awesome idea (to have an application to SM (this website - no need for FB SM :w00t: maybe that is what SM will be like in the future :D )

Honestly, I am here more than FB. I access FB every 4-5 days on average. I can go for weeks without checking :blush: That is why I don't see the need to create a SM group in Facebook when we have this forum, but that is just me :)

I just thought it would be a cool way to share pics and info. I understand not having one because it is not needed... I just wondered if there was one. It is much easier to access FB from a phone and easier to see pics when people post more albums on facebook and dont always post all pics on SM. I really like SM too!!! I don't want a replacement I love it here!!!
There is one. But it is a lot easier to share pictures here than on Facebook. At least it is for me.
there is an official SM facebook page, i was waiting to the forum conversion was over before announcing it, i'll do it soon :thumbsup:
There is a group a lot of us belong to. It's easier to post pictures there (for me anyway) because you don't need to use photobucket. it's been created as private and we can send you an invite if you'd like.

I also look forward to Joe's SM facebook group!
I know this is an ancient thread, but did Joe ever get back to us on this? Just wondering. TIA!
I know this is an ancient thread, but did Joe ever get back to us on this? Just wondering. TIA!
I don't think so - but there are many maltese groups on fb :)
I belong to a private one on FB also---I think it is the same one Pat is on---but I don't use it much.
Really if you friend a few of us it will lead you to many other maltese owners on FB.
I think I belong to three groups on there as do many others here.
Thank you guys...I am on a couple FB Malt sites, but I was looking for the one Joe alluded to possibly creating in this post from last year. Just wondered if that one ever got out of the planning stages. :)
I don't think it ever got off the ground. So many SM people are on FB that I don't see the need for a page for that. Who has the time to check all these pages FB, SM, SMFB? I just don't.
I know what u mean, it's already embarrassing how much time I spend here anyhow. ;P
There is a Spoiled Maltese page on FB - but it has not been used....I had found it and asked about it on FB to my friends......go look, you can find it too.
Thank you, Pat. :)
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