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SM is So Kind! Thank You!

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I wanted to personally thank the generous member here on SM who anonymously shared 3 of their SM Rescue Raffle tickets with me. Your gesture is so kind and much appreciated! This forum really is a wonderful place to be, and I am so proud to be a part of it. I am financially unable to donate to rescue organizations at this time, so I truly appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness. :wub:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :chili:

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I love to hear how thoughtful and sweet our members are! very cool!
I want to thank SM too!. I got 2 raffle tickets shared with me as well!! :aktion033:
How sweet! I am so glad the old SM is back!
That's great! SM really is full of kind and generous people.
Lisa, I just know you have a winning ticket!:thumbsup:
What a wonderful idea!! Good luck!!
I want to add my thanks too. A very special generous member also shared 3 raffle tickets with me. From the bottom of my heart,the middle of my heart & the top too, thank you sooooooo much. :wub: Boo & Hannah send you liplicks & tailwags & I send you a great big cyber hug. Thank you,thank you,thank you. Your thoughtful & kind generosity truly warms my heart.
This is so amazing how so many members have pulled together!
Oh I love hearing lovely things like this. The people on SM really are the best.
Wow that was so nice! Hopefully, you'll have a winning ticket or two:aktion033:
Hey! I got a PM from Lynn (Lacie's Mom) - Someone was gracious and kind to me also with two raffle tickets. Thank you! We must all be winners!:aktion033::chili::chili::chili:
I too have had the same experience! I recently was gifted 3 raffle numbers - thank you to whomever gifted them to me as well. It seems as though there have been a lot of gifters of tickets!
we have a angel amongst us, I was gifted two tickets as well. Thank you so much it has meant so much to me. I feel so loved
Wow, it sounds like there have been a LOT of special surprises with raffle ticket's so great to hear that others have also been so kind to gift them to several other people!:Sunny Smile:
These are good stories! It restores your faith in the goodness of people.
I want to say thank you also! I got 2 raffle tickets shared with me as well!!

I can't believe the generous members here. Thanks a million, it is so nice to be thought of.
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