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Originally posted by Lilly521@Feb 7 2005, 10:44 PM
Sunny will let me cut his nails (not to say he likes it but he put up with it) but i never cut then short enough becuase i think i will go to far so i have a question on the dogs nail there is the pink part then right after the pink part its kinda white then the tip is clear i always cut the clear part off but i have been afriad to cut the white part like does the pink part continue into the white area i just cant see it or is it safe to cut?
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Fantasia is the same way. She hates her nails cut but she will put up with it. She actually starts to wiggle when I am on her last paw. I am also the same with cutting her nails, I don't want to make her bleed so I don't cut as far as I should. The result is cutting her nails more often than normal. It seems her back nails are longer than her front. I don't know why I am more brave with the front than the back.
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