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Sneak Peek.....just for SM members!

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It's the latest rage in Holywood and Paris!! All the celebrity malts are storming the best groomers in town to achieve this new High Fashion look!!

Let's not have a mob scene papprazzi please...

You are the first to witness this latest fashion trend..and saw it here first!!!:thumbsup:
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Take note of the delicate spikes around the head and's not that easy to accomplishB)
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A view from the top. Very Chick for sure.
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Don't forget....You saw it here first!!!! :chili::aktion033:

Thank you.
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Adorable! That just might catch on LOL. Really really cute!

I took Cozette for a checkup yesterday, and she had managed (again!) to get out of her topknot and bow. Her hair was so static-y she looked like a muppet! They were all laughing at how funny it looked, so I can relate!
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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