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It's snowing here in SE Indiana.
we had snow LAST year for Thanksgiving too! Oliver is sitting here in my lap staring at it. I am sure he is thinking "and mommy expects me to go out and potty in this?!"
The grass is totally covered here...
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I'm Jealous (notice that is capital J).

I want it too!!!![/B]
Scott, you do not live that far from are not seeing snow?!
hmm, I was thinking it was closer than that

here it is...a webcam shot..taken a little while ago. It's still coming down. Oliver tried to go potty outside but no dice..he's not standing out there!
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Thankfully I do NOT live close to Cleveland..they are saying maybe up to 2-3 FEET! For xmas last year, we had 2 feet and Oliver was NOT amused. We actually took him potty in the road since that was the "flattest" snow there was. No one was it was where the plows had tried to go through.
well move up to the Great Lakes area in Ohio..they are in for multiple feet of snow!
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