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It's snowing here in SE Indiana.
we had snow LAST year for Thanksgiving too! Oliver is sitting here in my lap staring at it. I am sure he is thinking "and mommy expects me to go out and potty in this?!"
The grass is totally covered here...
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nope, not yet... But if you're in SE Indiana, I'm in South Central KY, about 90 South of Louisville

It's supposed to snow though some this weekend!!! Can't wait....... actually I wish it'd snow butthole deep to a giraffe
"Butthole deep to a giraffe huh" now would that make your weekend busy out there clearing the sidewalk and driveway? Only to have the street snow blower come along and blow it all back in your yard like they do here and most times that is done after we have cleared the driveway

We had a light dusting last week here too, and the look on Scooby's face when he went out and saw his yard white was priceless :lol:
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Well we got to 22 for the top temp today with a wind chill of 6 and tonight is going to be a real chiller here :D
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