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Snowy & Crystal [Summer 2010 pictures]

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Warning: TONES of pictures!!!!!

All pictures were taken few days ago. First, I wanna introduce you to Snowy and Crystal's chicken legs so that you don't be surprised :p I did share them at the end of another thread, but just in case some missed them.

For Summer 2010, the malts got "Checkin Legs" cut; Change in style every now and then is good ;)

Here they are, modeling the new hair styles


and Crystal

ok, I think we can start now...

Snowy wasn't sure which he wanted; the treat in his mouth or the ball in my hand. Before going to the garden, Snowy was chewing on a chewie. I called the malts to join me to the garden to play a game of fetch. Crystal zoomed outside. Snowy had a second thought, but then decided to join (When he hears 'Bye Snowy', he knows that he is gonna be left in if he didn't join. So he decided to run out to the garden too. I wasn't aware that he and chewie were out together until I looked at his face (mouth)..

But of course, it took him another minute to drop the chewie and run after the ball

An update on Crystal, I found out that the above ball (in snowy's mouth) is in her 'fave toys' list. This summer, she shocked Snowy...
not when jumping in the pool (that is old news)..

New pictures, but old news

BUT when she swam to the direction of the ball

Caught the ball and retrieved it....:w00t: now that is new news.
(Crystal: "Hang in der ball, I twy to wescue you")
trying hard not to lose the ball

Snowy watches as Crystal gets closer ...

but when she reached the place where she gets out, the ball slipped outta her mouth to the other side of the pool.

Snowy's turn to jump in

Snowy blends with the water splash :p

Another jump from Snowy

I love to take 'in the air' pictures because they are a bit challenging for me to take. I gotta be quick. At the same time, don't lose them in the frame and try to get a nice focused pic..The ones that I am posting here that I took two days ago are still not my favorite 'in the air' shots because they aren't too focused, but I still like them :)

Got the monster in a better, more focused picture :D

(ok! I gotta be honest and tell you, there is a part of Snowy that I wanted to cover in the picture by drawing a black square/block or something on it :blush: but since I have tones of pictures to share, I don't have the time to do that to all pic. Just ignore that boyish part. Besides, it can help you to know which is Snowy and which is Crystal :p)

more to come...
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anyways, lets continue....
Snowy got the ball

in his way out.. but guess who is waiting for him with her mouth opened?

Crystal: "Good boy, Snowy! Good fetch. Now, I hab it"

Crystal: "sheesh! boys are vewy hawd to convince!! I don't know what part of 'I hab it' doesn't he understand"

Snowy jumps in first, Crystal follows

two malts, reaching ball at the same time, but Crystal gets it first...

and swims away from Snowy ... LOOOL He knows that it is no longer the same when it was just him to get the ball and have Crystal only to follow

Here is Crystal, giving it another try to get the ball out on her own, without having it to slip out of her mouth to the other side of the pool

and she did it!!!!

and this was Snowy's response...this boy cracks me up:HistericalSmiley: He would never try to take anything away from Crystal *if* it was with her first. Snowy just kisses her and leaves her with her toys). -Crystal, on the other hand, tries to do it all the time-. In that case, then yes, he doesn't allow her to take whatever was in his paws first...
Snowy: "I am pwoud of you. You did good, Cwystal"

Goofball Snowy

Enough pool games..of the malts go for a though-out wash, bath, dry (clean and dry body and ears)

Here they are afterwards (Crystal is busy with little treat that I gave them)

Snowy: " fair mommy...where is my tweat?"

Snowy solo

Crystal solo

Snowy and Crystal pose

Few Romeo pictures that I took last week.

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Romeo doing yoga :p

this kitty is weird. He sleeps in the weirdest positions.

Romeo: "I am watching you"

off to ZzZzZzZz

Snowy & Crystal: "Have a PAWSOME day SM"

LOL that is all...I promise :p enough for a long time, I think. I will keep a link to this thread in my siggie since I am sure the next time I post pictures, it will be after a long time.

Hope you enjoyed these ^_^

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:party: I love Crystal and Snowy!! and Romeo!!
Great pictures! Thanks for sharing them. I especially love the pictures with your babies jumping in the pool.
That is so cool,I love the pictures of them in the pool together and the smoochie pictures too. If mine swam,I'd clip them short too,so they could have more fun.
OMG Kat -- Those were the best pictures!!:good post - perfect. I have the broadest smile on my face.:biggrin: Makes me want to take Tyler to a pool and throw him in. :w00t: Maybe not.
Crystal and Snowy are both such daredevils diving into the pool. And I can't believe you got those shots (well I can believe because it's you, but I still can't believe anyone could). I was rooting for Crystal with the ball and let out an "Awww" when it dropped into the other side of the pool. And the one of "She did it" looked so precious. Crystal looked too pooped to pop. And then Snowy kissing Crystal was the icing on the cake. Never apologize for sending tons of pix. We love them.:wub::wub: Good thing you're leaving a link so we can get our S&C fix whenever we need it.
Kat, I always love your pool pictures! I wish I could get pictures that good. Emy's my only water dog. She loves getting in the pool but Tess and Zoey won't even think about it. I wish Emy would jump in like that but she just hops on a float if I hold it over to the side for her.
I love Snowy and Crystal's clips, they look adorable. That's a great cut for them in the summer, they can have so much fun in their pool.
Oh Kat.......Love the pictures of the babies in the pool~~they are sooooo good!!! It is so hot here and those pictures look so cool and refreshing of them playing!! That Crystal learned very quickly and she is getting as good as Snowy!! Kat, you did a great job. Love Romeo's pics too.....the one of him flattened out on the floor is too funny. Beautiful cat!!! The dog house shot was darling of Snowy!! Thanks so much, it really shows how healthy and strong your babies are. They are just adorable......You really are a great photography and your pictures show it. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
Thanks for sharing. I loved the pics and caption. They make me laugh out loud several times
Wonderfful pictures. I love yourSnowy and Crystal water adventures. I wonder if Maisie would swim if we had a pool, hmmmm, probably not sn
he hates to get her feet wet. The pic of your catstretched out is a scream :HistericalSmiley:
Snowy and Crystal crack me up every time they do their dive into the pool :HistericalSmiley: after all these years still looks unbelievable. I love all the pictures, Romeo looks amazing, he can't swim right? :unsure:
those little chicken legs look so graceful in mid jump (the back ones), it cracks me up. I'm not sure which dog it was without looking back. there's one where the water trails from front paw back across the water as he/she shot. Those dogs really make me want a pool!!!

loooove your kitty shots, he's beautiful.
Great photos Kat, thanks.
I LOVE seeing pics of your sweeties! They're always having so much fun! Totally adorable! :wub::wub::wub:
As usual Kat, you have produced excellent shots......
The pool story is very entertaining. I think your Snowy and Crystal have the best lives. I love seeing your two interact together. Makes me want another.....mmm maybe in a few months, we shall see. Adorable :tender: :tender: :tender:
Love the Snowy and Crystal pool pics. They look like they're having so much fun, makes me want to jump in and join them. The pictures of Romero are darling.
Love all the pics!! I love seeing your pups in action- they are soo smart and playful and boy Crystal is quite the independent little lady - go Crystal!! ANd Snowy, of course, always the sweetest gentleman. Thanks for sharing :)
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