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So Bummed!!!

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I was going to drive up to Atlanta to go to the Nationals and now i can't go. :( When my son was going to work on Wednesday his car started to overheat and the oil light came on. My husband went to get him and a friend of ours towed his car. Come to find out his car needs a new head gasket to the tune of about $1,300. When it rains it pours, i'm so tired of everytime it looks like we're getting ahead something always happens. So until my sons car gets fixed we will be sharing my SUV to get back and forth to work since my husbands car is a standard and my son can't drive it.

I'm definitely going to Nationals next year in Texas. I figure i can fly there and if anyone in my family has car problems it won't matter since i won't need to use my car at that time.
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Ah man that sux! I am sorry you can't come! I barely made it here to the Specialty! I didn't get to the hotel until 8 at night but have already met Stacy and Marina and saw 2 other SM peeps in the hallway :) marina and Malayah were practicing in the hallway together already.
awwh I am so sorry to read this :(

Hey, no worries, they say that there is always "next time" ;)

That's a bummer! I was cutting it close myself to be able to come. This will be my first trip away by/for myself EVER! Well I'm bringing my 12 yr old son with me. Hubby already having a whine fest! He'll live!
I'm just glad your son is okay. When I first started to read your thread I got a little nervous. Hey, I may go next year too! Oh, and it's great to knwo that they change the location each year - I was wondering if it would be in Atalnta next year as well and was hoping it would be elsewhere since I've already been to Atlanta and would like to explore new land. Never been to Texas - Yee- Ha!
Oh, I'm sorry that you didn't get to go~~such is life. I do hope you get to go the the Nationals next year!
Oh no....I'm so sorry to hear that this didn't work out this year....but you know what?? at least you're all Ok and we can always admire your fluffpuffs here...they are so very cute and defenite winners in my book!
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