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so frustrated, opinions please

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I am so frustrated with Dixies housetraining. I am really trying to be patient, but not getting beyond this point. heres the long and the short of it followed by a couple questions.
Dixie doesn't object to being unclean [ie; covered with pee] she will pe in the crate, pen, anywhere and has no problem walking in it, etc.

She knows the word pee pee. If I take her outdoors to her spot and ask her to go pee pee and she is capable, she will. But, she will also go anywhere, anytime the urge comes upon her. So, atleast we have a connection with the word.

She has a playpen [wire] for daytime, crate for sleeping.

Liver treats everytime she pees outside plus much praise.

breeder and vet instructed free food and water 24/7. it has been impossible for me to train this way [tried
] so I put her on three meals per day and water all the time except in crate from 11pm till 6;00 am. The meals times are fine. She isn't much interested in food and will usually only eat if i feed her. Bad habit, but ok with me.

UTI test came out normal.

been here four weeks.

she is 18 weeks old.

She still piddles all over when excited about being picked up, etc. But not the worrysome "leaking" she experienced in the begining. Must have been nerves about new home, etc.

I have read she should be reducing the fequency of urination by this point, but she still pees little amounts all day long. I bet she goes at a minimum 2 times per hour. Typically more.

Ok, heres the questions.
Two books suggest water should be available only during meals. In Dixies case about 7am, 4pm, 11pm. This isnt enough in my mind. Does this sound ok?

And last question. i was considering giving up the play pen and using the smaller crate during the day instead. Will it help? I didn't think so as she pees in it at night anyway, but it is smaller then the pen. By the way it is a large crate for fifty pound k-9. I put the barrier up to make it small.

Sorry so long. Wanted to give facts. Helpppppppp.......
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Originally posted by Terri@Aug 16 2005, 01:07 PM
Puddy is going to be 2 years old in October and he is still having accidents in the house.  Sometimes he'll go for weeks without a problem then he'll have 2 accidents in one week.  Should it take this long to fully get them trained?  Of course I never catch him in the act, I just find the spot later.  My carpets are smelling but I don't want to get them professionally cleaned until I break him of this habit!  Please, please help!!
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I know you don't want to clean the carpet but the smell is what might be makeing him go there again. The nature miricle is really good for getting rid of the smell for spot cleaning

Good Idea lexi's mom... i forgot about that . We also have a carpet cleaner. it was like 200.00 canadian, but very convient and worth the money. We also lend it out to others.
Originally posted by Terri@Aug 16 2005, 02:43 PM
My mom has a rug shampooer that I use all the time.  I think I need a heavy duty cleaser though.  Any ideas?  And does anyone have any suggestions on what to do to stop him having these accidents?  He should be trained by now shouldn't he?  It sound like everyone else's dogs were trained by 6 months!  Is Puddy just being bratty?
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6 month is still a little early to expect much by then they should be able to hold it for i think like 4 hours but it realy depends the puppy. by then they should know where to go potty but may still have accients. Like at 6 month chelsey already new where to go but she still has an acciendent now and then , she is 1 year old.

I know most don't believe in crate training but for use it makes it easier to train especially when you have carpets in your home. The rule is every time you let them out of the crate even to play or brush there hair, you take them to the area where you want them to potty. Chelsey is so smart now, not that she wasn't before
the other day I opened the crate and was washing the dishes... I did not even remember to tell her to go potty. Well she ran right over to her pee pad litter box, I normally side it under the living room table to keep out of site. So she could not get to it. She came running over to get me... and then ran back to the area, I was thinking hum what up with you Chelsey. Then I followed her and noticed the wee wee pad was out of reach for her. So I pulled it out and away she went. What a smart cookie.
Now when she was younger and if she could not hold it she would have went right in front of my feet. So yes I would agree if the accident it sin the home it mostly our fault one way or an other. Other suggestion that was given to me for training by JMM was to leash puppy to you for every waking moment in the day... so you can catch them just as they are ready to go.. This also worked for me. I'm not sure if you’re using wee wee pads, but what we did was put one in the living room, the basement and kitchen. When your puppy get really trained them you can remove them one by one. Any way Chelsey accident are normally poo in her crate not peeing. Yep she will still do this occasionally ... It's weird she will only let us know when she has to pee for the pooing, it all timing issue.. Cause if she can find one little space in her crate she will just do it in there.. It is just the norm for her. She does poo on her pad as well so no problem there. Except for her occasional poo in crate i would say Chelsey is 97% trained... Any way I will stop rambling on here...
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