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so frustrated, opinions please

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I am so frustrated with Dixies housetraining. I am really trying to be patient, but not getting beyond this point. heres the long and the short of it followed by a couple questions.
Dixie doesn't object to being unclean [ie; covered with pee] she will pe in the crate, pen, anywhere and has no problem walking in it, etc.

She knows the word pee pee. If I take her outdoors to her spot and ask her to go pee pee and she is capable, she will. But, she will also go anywhere, anytime the urge comes upon her. So, atleast we have a connection with the word.

She has a playpen [wire] for daytime, crate for sleeping.

Liver treats everytime she pees outside plus much praise.

breeder and vet instructed free food and water 24/7. it has been impossible for me to train this way [tried
] so I put her on three meals per day and water all the time except in crate from 11pm till 6;00 am. The meals times are fine. She isn't much interested in food and will usually only eat if i feed her. Bad habit, but ok with me.

UTI test came out normal.

been here four weeks.

she is 18 weeks old.

She still piddles all over when excited about being picked up, etc. But not the worrysome "leaking" she experienced in the begining. Must have been nerves about new home, etc.

I have read she should be reducing the fequency of urination by this point, but she still pees little amounts all day long. I bet she goes at a minimum 2 times per hour. Typically more.

Ok, heres the questions.
Two books suggest water should be available only during meals. In Dixies case about 7am, 4pm, 11pm. This isnt enough in my mind. Does this sound ok?

And last question. i was considering giving up the play pen and using the smaller crate during the day instead. Will it help? I didn't think so as she pees in it at night anyway, but it is smaller then the pen. By the way it is a large crate for fifty pound k-9. I put the barrier up to make it small.

Sorry so long. Wanted to give facts. Helpppppppp.......
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when i started to potty train l.e. it seemed like my entire apartment was covered with pee pads. whenever she would find a place that wasn't covered with a pee pad and would start to go potty, i would pick her up in the middle of her going, and place her on a pad. as the weeks went by i reduced the amount of pee pads until we finally just have two inside now. in my effort to teach her to go outside, i put a pee pad next to each door so she would know that she should be going outside. nowadays she prefers to go outside, but will go inside on the pee pads if i don't open the door for her (i.e. if i'm not home or sleeping or something).

it was a very frustrating process for me and l.e. my boyfriend at the time, couldn't understand why some days i would get so frustrated and have to sit and cry for a minute because i couldn't handle picking up one more accident!
i felt like that's all i was doing was picking up pee and poop. but never the less we got through it and now at six months l.e. is a pro at it.

something that i did that helped the night time pee pee accidents was pick up her water bowl at about 7:30-8. someone in this group suggested it a while back and it totally helped! sorry to whomever it was that suggested it, you are a savior!
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