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I dont know if I'm going to sound like a bad mommy or not but I limited the water in the very beginning with my puppy. I guess it was about a month of limited water. I gave her water after meals times and after a lot of exercise if she looked thirsty. This never presented a problem for me or Kylee and I asked her vet and he said as long as she still seems normal (playing, eating, and full of energy) it should be fine to limit the water. Since she didnt have water all day long I could pretty much predict when she was going to go. Now that she is alittle more reliable with pottying on her pads, I let her have water at all times. This method worked for me, like I said, but it's a matter of personal preference if you want to limit the water or not. As far as the dripping goes when she is excited, Kylee still does ths every time someone walks into our house. Our trainer said it will go away as she gets older, but as for now, she suggested making sure she goes potty right before she greets someone (if you know they are coming over/home) so her bladder is empty and make sure she greets them on a linoleum or tile floor so the clean up is easier. Good luck with everything takes these guys a while to get it I think. ~Lori
1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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