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I was a little reluctant to use a pee-pee pad myself but for Kenji's convenience, I laid one down and haven't found it a bit inconvenient since. Just plop the poo down the toilet after grabbing it off the piddle pad with some Toilet paper and change the pee pad once a day or when it starts to be too crowding or stained for your dog. This way, if you are gone for too long, you can rest assure your dog won't be painfully holding it in until you get home. Poo and pee don't seem to bother me a bit since Kenji has been piddle paddy trained as a pup and I change his pads frequently or as necessary. It's also helpful to see what the pooch has been digesting and how hard his intestines have been working! EEwww .. i know to some.. but hey.. i would rather keep an eye out on his matters than not!
1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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