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so im going to south beach tomm ....

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and im going with my boyfriend no kids no fluff.. the boys are staying w their dad , the girls are staying with a friend and dolce is going to my boyfriends cousins house and they have a seven yr old maltese named peanut.. they have offered to puppysit..

so any suggestions? im coming back on monday ...
im taking his bed , his food, treats , his toys , his brush. and im giving him a bath today before i go , anything else to make it easier .. peanut is a very sweet doggie and im sure they will be ok ..

but im going to miss him ...
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South Beach Florida? Sounds fun!!!

Hopefully someone will have some great suggestions...sounds like you're on the right track taking his regular things (so he will feel comfortable/not have a change in diet). The only other thing I would think would be to maybe meet up with them/their dog somewhere today for a brief visit (meet for coffee or at a park) so they can 'meet' each other once before the longer stay (then they won't be strangers...and Dolce won't be seen as invading Peanut's house). Oh, and maybe tuck one of your shirts from the laundry into his bed so his has your familiar comforting smell while you are away. And try not to worry, I'm sure he will be fine :)

Oh, and I always give my puppysitter my vet's name in case of an emergency (since your vet has Dolce's records/history)...Murphy's Law says that if you are prepared that way, nothing will happen...
thank u eileen will def have them meet up prior .. and good idea on the tshirt and vets info.. and yesssss south beach florida , i sooo need a vacation!
My words of wisdom: Have a blast!! :D You're going to have so much fun!! Be sure and take a camera so that you can get plenty of pictures for us! ;) Dolce will probably have fun having a long sleepover party with Peanut.
im back well since sunday and i had a blast , i missed the kids n dolce alot but i had fun!! dolce was fine , he was a bit shy in the beginning but then he was fine .. i had given him a bath before i took him but boy did he come matted , they hv peanut in a shorter puppycut so i dont think they need to brush him as much as dolce.. he was soo excited to see me though , aww my baby .
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