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So now I'm back, from outer space....

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Well, not exactly outer space, although it did feel like that for a while. I hope you can all forgive me for disappearing for a while.

Back in April, the company I worked for shut down with literally three hours notice. I left work at 5:30 that day having been assured that I had a job (we were doing some restructuring) and at 8:30 pm we got an email that said the company was closing as of midnight and they couldn't guarantee they'd be able to pay us for the hours we'd worked. We finally got paid for our time worked about two months later, but we'll never see the payout for our vacation time. We were also left with no health insurance as there was no COBRA since the company shut down.

So, the spring and summer were a little rough for the Josie and I. But, I've been working again for three months and got promoted back to my old position, just with a different company, and life is settling down. So, naturally, I had to stop in and say hello to my friends and their fluffs! Hello everyone!

Josie says: You wouldn't believe it. She made me go four and a half months without a haircut! :hysteric: Ridiculous! :smmadder:I tried to tell her that monthly spa days are a requirement of my contract but she wouldn't budge. Something about an unemployment clause. She even had the nerve to call me "scruffalupagus." Don't worry, I'm back to my beautiful self now, but it was definitely tough. Running around, lookin' like a ragamuffin.... Let's just hope it doesn't happen again.
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Hi Steph, hi Josie. So happy to hear you are both ok and doing well.
Glad to see you and Josie back! :grouphug: Sorry to hear about your job, but glad to hear about finding another one. Josie, i'm sorry to hear that you had to go 4 months without a haircut and hopefully it won't happen again. I'm sure you were the prettiest ragamuffin running around. :wub:
Josie, there you are! We've missed seeing you post. We were so glad to see your mom posting because we knew you'd be adding yours too. We hate that your mom lost her job but very happy to see she's back to work and you're back to getting your spa days. Tell your mom that she has to check in more often and let you keep us updated on how you and your mom are doing. We've missed you both!
Happy to see you back :) sorry you have had such a rough time..
Awww Steph. :grouphug::grouphug: We missed you. So sorry you lost your job. I remember when we were shocked when people used to get fired and have until the end of the day. It's so much worse now. Today someone I know found out they were closing down her place of business BY E-MAIL. The coward didn't even have the guts to face them.:angry: I'm sooooo happy you found something else and that you've been promoted. Props to you for getting a new job :thumbsup::aktion033: and doing well.
And as for Josie -- scandalous :w00t: missing the spa treatments, but alas she willeth geteth overeth it-eth:) She looks so adorable in your siggie that long hair or short, she's a love.:wub: Happy to have you back.
Welcome back, Steph! Sorry to hear you were going through such a time, but so glad it's turned around and Josie can have her spa days back! Missed you both!

Steph! Josie! :w00t:
We've missed you!
Glad your back and have a new job.
That is crummy about the layoffs.
I hope you're liking the new workplace.

Paris was so happy to have Josie as her Secret Santa last year!
Welcome back. I'm so glad you were fully compensated (except vacation time) at your past employer. A friend of mine was just laid off and now is fiing in small claims for the company to pay her. I suspect the company is filing bankruptcy. Congratulations on the new job. It's nice to get back into our routines and spa days, too! :)
Great to see you back Steph & Josie!!
Hi, it is good to have you back!!! We have missed you and Josie!!!! I am so sorry about what happened to your job. That is horrible that they emailed you and you didn't get your vacation pay that you had worked for. Great you are back at work in your old position but with a new company!!!:chili:
Sorry things were so rough there for a bit but extremely happy things have worked out for you and Josie! ( I bet she was the darlin-est scruffalupagus." around! :wub: )
Wishing your a smooth road from now on! :thumbsup:
Good to see you and glad things are looking up. I've had that experience too with not much notice to move on.
Geez, you've been through a lot! Glad your life is finally back on track - I was really missing Josie's .....silliness......:blush:
I am happy to hear you are getting back on your feet. Life can really throw us curves from time to time.

Welcome back!!
Steph and Josie are back!!!! I was actually thinking about you 2 not that long ago. I always love reading your posts w/Josie's funny input! Glad things are turning around for you and super happy you both are back on SM!
Glad you were able to bounce back from that and glad to see you here again! I missed your wit!
Steph I'm so glad you and Josie are back, I've missed you
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