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I know it is going to be difficult, but Maxi is going to have to "deal" with it. I like the advice about separating them and them getting used to each others smells, etc. My beagle NEVER liked any other dogs we got, but it takes some time and they adjust. Dogs are great because they adjust and deal with life much easier than humans!!! :lol:

Bring ol' Jake home and give them sometime to adjust. It is a big change when Maxi has had ALL of the attention. Just make sure you let him know that you still love him, and that he is #2 on the hierarchy. You are doing what you think is best, and it probably is what's best, but things take time. It took me a whole month or more to get used to having Chanel...I was a big baby

Do not doubt yourself or your decision! THere are no mistakes. It's not like this was a spur of the moment to decision and you just decided to go over to the breeder's house and pick ol' Jake out and say, hey, I think I'll buy a pricey puppy today just for the heck of it!
Maxi will thank you later for this!!!

Be strong...

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