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Sir N fell in love with Little C at the place where we bought her and was nice the whole way home. It wasn't until he realized that she was moving in with us that things changed. He hated her guts. It didn't help that she was very aggressive and jumped all over him, stole his food, stole his water, humped him on a daily basis AND stole his mama's heart. It took a LONG time for Sir N to semi-like her. It's been 10 months now. They are not the type to snuggle together or play together. They are not affectionate with each other. However, they do get along for the most part and co-exist. That said, what made it easy for me was that no matter how angry Sir N would get at Little C, the worst he would do was growl and if he was VERY furious, he might snap, but he NEVER tried to hurt her. From the very beginning, he was careful with her.

They also grew closer when Little C had her knee surgeries and couldn't move about freely. He was quite fond of her THEN.

I'm really glad that I got Little C and that I stuck it out despite the almost constant growling and snarling in the beginning. They still sometimes go at each other, but a very loud "YAH!" stops them in their tracks and they instantly forget about the argument.

It took us months to get to the point where I felt that they semi-liked each other. Well, LIttle C always liked Sir N. It took months to get to the point where Sir N semi-liked Little C. But, it gets better all the time. Don't give up.
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