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soft stool?

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Here comes my first question since I joined sm...

I noticed that sometimes Yeager has soft stool, it's kind of random, he'd be solid stool after one meal and then soft after another. Sometimes I mix his kibbles(castor pollux organix puppy) with some NutriCal puppy to make him want to eat more. I wonder if it's the NutriCal gel? Or he ate too much/fast? Or do puppies just have soft poo from time to time? Anyways, I'm not very concerned about his health, just makes things a lot easier if he only had solid stool.

Did anyone else have similar problems? Thanks!
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Sarah, there was a recent discussion talking about how puppies really shouldn't be given Nutrical after they leave their mom, unless they go into hypoglycemic shock (or whatever it is called.)

The only time Poppy gets running poo's is when I feed him various treats. So, I've pretty much stopped that now, and only feed him his Orijen 6 Fish with no-salt green beans. This keeps his stools pretty good now.

HUGz! Jules
Here's the thread I was referring to, just FYI.

HUGz! Jules
ahh I see, thanks Julee! I thought nutrical was supposed to be nutritious for them, my bad.
There is a difference between running stool and soft stool. I am not concerned about the soft stool. Depends on what they eat. Alex alternates between hard stool and soft stool. And you are right, solid stool is easier to clean.:HistericalSmiley:
nutrical is really rich, it will definately cause soft stools
i find its the treats that do this ,cut them out for a while .
Never used nutrical, but I find kibble enables firmer stools than wet food...pretty much all the time. And yes, a sticky backside is hard to clean and gross. Ick!
If I change anything in Ramsey diet he'll have soft stool.

Treats also make his stool soft as well.
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