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Some fun with the girls

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I've had this chair for years but for some reason Tessa just decided it was her favorite.

"Look Mom - I can get up here!"

"Nyah nyah - Sweetness can't get me!"

"Aren't I smart? And pretty?"

"Yeah, right" (grumble)
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:HistericalSmiley: that last picture is priceless!
Oh Tessa :wub: you are so smart and pretty :wub::Sooo cute:
"THE QUEEN":wub: in her chair, and you thought it was yoursB) by the way I love the chair
lol Tessa's so cute! :wub: I love the picture of Sweetness grumbling! :D
the last picture of Sweetness if so funny :HistericalSmiley: And Tessa looks pretty on that vintage-looking chair :)
Pssst....Sweetness. Tessa only has 3 legs so I'm betting you can get up there too if you try. Don't tell Tessa I told you though. ;)

Soooo cute! Especially Sweetness' expression!:HistericalSmiley:
LOL! For a dog with 3 legs, Tessa can get herself in the strangest places, like under the sink and on top of the dining room table. And Sweetness gets the most disgusted look on her face when her sister is goofing around!

About the chair - I actually picked that up at Kane County Flea Market in the western suburbs about 15 years ago - and it was in the same condition you see today - I didn't have to do a thing to it!

Thanks for letting me share my goofy girls with you!

Aww! Sweetness you let her have the darned old chair. You have a comfy bed that you don't have to work that hard for!!

Tessa you little angel you look beautiful in your "new" favorite chair.
just loved seeing those pix. Tessa looks like she is reigning over her kingdom and Tessa looks like she's a little peeved over that turn of events. :wub::wub:
I love the "sour grapes" look Sweetness is giving her sis!
Tessa is so sweet looking! I love her ears, so pretty!
lol too cute!
OMG, too cute! :wub::wub::wub: Love the captions, too. :)
Great pics! That last one is too cute!

Love the chair - great find!
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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