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I sort of worry about being too happy when I get good news
about Harry... I don't want to jinx it. But, since I post so
much bad news, I decided I needed to post the good news too.
The vet called last night and said that Harry's bloodwork numbers
are very good. :clap: He said it's amazing how good they are.
The only recommendation he made was to slowly increase Harry's
protein, since it looks like he is not getting enough.

Harry has also lost most of the fluid in his abdomen. The
doctor was worried that the meds might not work... but they
are working great. Harry is so much more comfortable and
happy. He's eating and playing and barking his head off like a
puppy!!! Obviously I am way beyond happy...

Here's a picture of my little man (on the left) and Benny bringing
me presents :wub::wub: (Harry's pretty messy... this was right
before his bath.)

Dog Mammal Vertebrate Dog breed Maltepoo

Thanks so much for all of your prayers and good

thoughts! :grouphug:


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:cheer: Yahooo!!!!! What great news!!! No apologies for Harry without a bath -- he looks wonderful!! :wub::wub: I couldn't be happier for you Debbie. The meds, and mainly you, are doing a great job. Keep up the good work and give Harry an extra big hug from his Aunt Sue. :grouphug:

PS: Tyler thinks Harry needs a filet mignon when he heard he needs more protein.:w00t: I think there are better ways to go. :)

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Thanks for the good news, Debbie. Big cause for celebration!! So happy and relieved for all of you!! Special hugs to Harry from all of us. :grouphug:

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:chili: :chili: Wonderful news!!! :chili: :chili:
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