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Some questions for RAW feeders

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Ponyo went from LOVING raw, to not loving it! She used to dig right in and eat every bite! Now I give her her meal and she turns her nose up at it and wont eat unless I handfeed her. (which I really dont have the time for patience for) She will let her food sit for a long time before getting to picking at it (of corse not to long, I never let it sit to a point where it will be unsafe) So imjust wondering if you all have any advice?
ONE MORE question...
Ponyo never gets any bone. Keep in mind she is only 2.2lbs, so any large bone seem to intimidate her. But not only that, she is deffinattly not strong enough to break down any kind of bones I have tried. Any advice on this eaither?
Thanks girls!
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These little ones need variety in their food from time to time. Just like us. Can you imagine eating the same type of food every single day at every meal. Do you rotate any of the protein sources of the raw food you are feeding? Rotating protein source, I hear, is very healthy. I rotate between beef, chicken and lamb.
Yes, I do a good rotation every day! My doggies usually get a mix of 2-3 meats in one meal!
They have had everything from chicken, beef, pork, all types of fish, shell fish, turkey and just about anything else I can get my hands on! Including whole eggs!
I also tried Sasha on the raw food diet. When I first started she was CRAZY for it. Now she will not eat it at all.
I'm back to home cooking and I do rotate the protein everyday or she will not eat. Yes, I have spoiled her.
You may need to reduce the amount of food you are feeding. When dogs eat raw food they really don't need that much. They may not be that hungry.

When I had my dogs on raw they did the same thing they just didn't need as much food.

Another possibility is that they may need some probiotics to help digest the food easier. If they don't have all the right enzymes in their tummies they could be a little upset from eating the raw.
I can't help so much with the not eating, but I can help with the bones.

Part of a raw diet is bones. Your dog needs bones. Normally it is 80% meat, 10% bone, and 10% organs.

If you don't feel comfortable giving an actual bone, you can either grind them yourself or if you have access to a pre-made raw diet, most of them have ground bones in them.

If she doesn't like a prey model raw, maybe try the pre-made for a while?

Pre-made examples are nature's variety, stella and chewys, bravo, etc.
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