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Somebody please

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PLAY WIFF ME:innocent:


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How cute is that picture:wub::wub:
She is sooooo cute. :wub2: I have to say I'm loving the
Paula, that picture is adorable!!!!! :heart:
i love it !!!!
Aww, Cosy will play with you, sweet baby.
Awww, I'll play with you - how can anyone say no to that face!
Awe too cute.

Kodi says she'll play with you also. :)
Chloe, Riley and Noelle will come and play with sweetie!
Geez, do I know that look!
Tyler's booking a flight now! First class. :w00t:
Awe! :wub: That face is simply too adorable!!
Oh, gosh, how can anyone resist?! :wub::wub::wub:
If Emy could get there Matilda would never have to ask again! Zoey and Tess would love to send her there so they could get a break. Emy plays 24/7 with short breaks for a nap. :blink:
I don't know how I would get anything done with that little one and her ball around the house!!!
Both my babies will pway wiff you!! You sweet little thing!!
I will I will!!!!! How sweet, her bow matches the ball!!!
Matilda, you are soooo adorable! You really know how to work Mommy with your eyes, don't you? ;)

Oh my gosh, if Matilda came for a visit she would be wiped out with all of the chasing & playing L&P do around here!
They all seem to instinctively have that " im so unloved" look down to a T when they want something. LOL
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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