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Somebody's sleeping in my bed!

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And she's still there!

Doesn't look like she's planning on leaving anytime soon. Maybe if I get in my bed, she'll get the hint.

Maybe a bed buddy's ok. I think I'll keep her.

Everybody, please meet my new little sister, Callie.

Introducing the newest member of our little family....

Cher-Chien's California Dreamin. aka Callie.

I met Cheryl Filson at the Dog Show in Chicago a few months ago and she had Callie in the ring. I fell in love with her temperament and told Cheryl to please remember that temperament because it was exactly what I needed for a little girl here at the store. So last week I get an email from Cheryl telling me she doesn't think Callie will get big enough and wanted to know if I was still interested in her. LOL Ya think? Cheryl had wanted to keep her for her own special little girl, even if she wasn't planning on finishing her due to her size. So she cut her down really short and cut off her beautiful top knot. :( However she found a little boy at Nationals she wanted to add to her breeding program and has always wanted to make sure she never had more dogs then she could give the proper time and attention to. So she made the very selfless and loving decision to let me have her. :chili: We just have to grow out that beautiful top knot and legs. Darn...I was really looking forward to not having to grow out a top knot.:blush: Here she is pre-hair cut.:wub:

She's doing sooo well! She and Jett are getting along, playing, and sharing beds. Zoe believe it or not, is doing surprisingly better then I expected. I made sure to bring in the type of temperament so she would not feel her position in our family was being constantly challenged. She's not loving her yet....but she has allowed Callie to touch noses on several occasions. So I'm very optimistic. :)
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:w00t::w00t: OMG!!! It is after midnight here so brain isn't 100% functioning, but I think I read this right :w00t: what a surprise but I am SO VERY EXCITED and HAPPY for you, Jett and even my Zoe :chili::chili::chili::chili:

She is a DOLL .. I think that she is a perfect match to Jett in the store too. That forth picture says it all :wub::wub:just look at the two faces.
:chili::chili::chili: oh this is just so exciting.. I hope that Zoe joins the fun with them too.

Congrats on finding the girl you were looking for in temperaments :wub: I love her name too: Callie :wub:

Looking forward to seeing more photos of her - oh a group picture with 3 malts will be an extra treat for me ^_^

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OMG!!! This is wonderful!! She is a doll Crystal! When you sent me a message today saying you had a picture of a little girl wearing the same outfit I just got Nissa but only in black that you were going to post, I had no idea!!! I'm soooo envious because I've got puppy fever sooooo bad! Congrats Crystal! xoxoxox
Crystal- Oh WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations!! Callie is just beautiful!! :wub::wub::wub:
She is just adorable, and her personality sounds like a dream. Just perfect to be your little companion and model!!

I'm glad things are going well between her and the other pups! Enjoy her! She looks like a little love!!

p.s.: That pink bag is so cute!!
Oh Crystal, she is adorable with a capital A!!!! The pictures of she and Jett in the bed are so loving and sweet!!! Callie is a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl~~~You are a sneaky little one if I do say so myself but I love it. It sounds so magical, Zoe, Jett and Callie!!! Welcome to SM Miss Callie, we welcome you with open arms~~You are a petite, small little girl!!!:wub::wub::wub:
Wow - congratulations! Callie is absolutely stunning! Just gorgeous! I know you miss the topknot, but I think her cut is so stinking adorable! And Jett is as stunning as ever!
Congratulations Crystal, you must be on :cloud9: with gorgeous little Callie. I bet in no time all three will be romping around together having a ball. I'm
so happy for you!!!
Congratulations on your new baby, she is just adorable.:wub:

Crystal, not am I sooooooooooooooooo happy for you, but also for sweet gorgeous Callie. You have to be one of the best fur baby Moms I know and this baby girl is so blessed to have you and I know you consider her a treasure as well.

Crystal, I AM IN LOVE WITH HER :wub:

Not only is she adorable, but absolutely one gorgeous Maltese. You didn't even have to describe her tempermant, because you can see it on her sweet baby face. She is filled wilth love.

I could not possibly be any happier for you. The pictures are incredibly precious of handsome Jett and Gorgeous Callie.

Crystal, that is one gorgeous baby girl.

You so deserve this joy and like I said, I could not possibly be any happier for you.

Hugs and love to you, Jett, Zoe, and OMG Callie.

What a gorgeous family!!!

Just so happy for you and all your babies. All the best to you and so much love to you as well.

Love ya!!!

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Oh my goodness, you little sneak. You didn't mention a thing the other day when I PM'ed you. How exciting!! What a little doll, they are like twins in that 4th pics. No wonder you have been busy. Congrats to the new mama!
:cheer::cheer::good post - perfect:good post - perfect:cheer::cheer:

OMG Crystal!!! And you were asking me about a photo of Tyler?? And you had this little doll in your midst??? WOWWWWWWWW!! I am so happy for you. She is off the charts adorable. And who needs a topknot. That little bow looks great (you didn't staple it onto her head did you? :w00t::HistericalSmiley::HistericalSmiley:)
Love the name Callie and she couldn't have a better mommy.
CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm jumping up and down!! This calls for 4th of July fireworks. :celebrate - firewor
She is absolutely stunning and looks great with Jet! They're almost too adorable!
OMG, Callie is adorable!! Congrats Crystal! I especially LOVE this pic!! They look like best buddies in this one!! They even have similar expressions!! HEARTS HEARTS HEARTS!!!!
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Oh my goodness Crystal - she is BEAUTIFULL!!! She looks a bit like Jett too - like they can actually be brother and sister. When I saw the first pic, I was like "Is that Zoe? No it can't be she's much smaller." WOW, what a lucky litle girl to be part of your family. I'm sure you're glowing from happiness. Enjoy her and can't wait to see her modeling for you.
OMG!!! Callie is a cutie! and I LOVE her name!
Congrats on the new addition to your family!
Congratulations, she is absolutely adorable:wub:.
Thank you everyone. And no did NOT staple the bow to her head!:HistericalSmiley: But she is happily enduring many different bow styles and locations right now. And she is quickly learning that getting dressed means going outside or somewhere fun and is so excited when it's time to dress her. :thumbsup:

Right now I'm sitting here at the computer and she and Jett are now very happily exhausted. They have been tussling for a very long time. Jett had a great romp with Zoe when we first got home, with Callie hopping around on the sidelines. Now he and Callie have just played. I don't know if Zoe and Callie will ever play, but I've been really pleased with her reaction to her so far. So far Callie has exceeded my highest hopes in a 3rd fluff.

There are some differences in Callie and Jett's looks, but only slightly. There are times when I can only see a wee head and I have to look twice to tell if it's Jett or Callie. I have a feeling when her hair is grown out like his, they will be hard to tell apart. Except for the top knot. lol When I took her to the vet, my vet could not believe how calm she is and informed me it's just not fair that I have TWO babies with this type of temperament. She was cuddling Callie and asked her, "are you sure you're not 3?" lolol She's 9 months old and has been the easiest fluff I've ever transitioned into my family.

I got her on Saturday and I was planning on keeping her a secret for a little while longer just to make sure everything really worked out. But I'm pretty sure she's staying. :wub: And I was dying to tell you all about her! What a whirl wind! Someday I'll fill you all in on how Callie came to be mine. It was like another Jett story. Everything MORE then fell into place without me trying to make a thing happen. In fact, I was planning on telling Cheryl now was not a good time. But then all these things kept happening to the point that I realized I could not NOT get her!
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Hunter knew right away from the first picture that she wasn't just a shopper! He is very very very excited for Jett and Zoe (he's even more excited for Jett because now Jett doesn't have to wear dresses!). We're so happy for you Crystal!
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