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Someone's in love...

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It's Riley, he has a special girlfriend on here and he wants to give her his heart.

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aaahhhh, I know he stole my Chloe's heart. Chloe was just
telling me how she loves her some Rilely. :wub: I had to explain
how long distance relationships are very difficult. :HistericalSmiley:
that is the cutest picture,aww,my girls are in love....:wub::wub::wub:
Oh my! What a little charmer!
Do not let Paris & Coco see that! ;)
Could you imagine the sister squabbles over him!
Riley is absolutely adorable with his little heart!

What a darling photo of him!

Alexandra :wub:
im in love w riley !! is that heart for me hehe !
That's a great photo of Riley!!! his coat is just beautiful!!
that look on riley face says it all. such a sweet picture :wub:
What a beautiful boy Riley is! Great picture!!!
He's a cutie patootie. I wonder who hsi crush is.
oh my gosh Debbie, Riley just won mine:heart: he is adorable, I just want ot give that boy:smootch::tender:
Riley is so handsome, I'd go out with him. LOL

That pic would be SO CUTE featured on a calendar...February of course!!! Such a sweetie pie!!!
Riley is a very handsome man. I am sure he can have his pick :)
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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