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We're a young couple in search of our first dog together, and decided on a purebred Maltese.
We're currently still in the research/homework phase of our hunt, but pretty set on the Maltese breed - just finalizing which breeder to purchase from, and arranging site visits.
Hope to learn lot from this community as we plan to provide for our future Maltese as we would for a child, and provide him/her with a fun, healthy, loving, and disciplined life.
As we mature with our future pup, we hope to pass on our experience with future parents that are like us today.
Glad to join the community!

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Welcome to the SM family! You won't find a more beautiful, loving companion anywhere! Yes- we are very partial here! Maltese have some special requirements and I am very happy that you are doing your homework and research in deciding if the breed is perfect for you! We are looking forward to getting to know you better. Please keep us updated!
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