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As I have posted before I am soon getting a puppy (Sophie). I have not been able to see her in person because she is in another state. She was the only girl in the litter. I have always wanted a girl. The puppies now live with my mom. Everyday she is telling me stories about all the puppys. Sophie is very spunky, she has alot of personality. When my mom gives all of them a treat she takes the others away all for herself. When she is told no, she will stop but she will bark back at you. My mom also has a lab. while most of the other puppies stay away from him, she will lay right in front of him and bark at him! He is a bit old so he just ignores her, but she wont leave him alone. I dont think she is going to be a bad dog she is just so much spunkier than the rest. What do you all think? My mom loves her.

Well there is this other puppy she is always telling me about. He is laid back very sweet. Almost the complete opposite of Sophie. everyone loves him. So now she has got me thinking about the other one. I have to admit
my hubby although a great guy has never been a dog person. I am thinking this other pup might be a better match for him.

If you remember from one of my other post I wasnt sure how I was going to get Sophie home. Well I am meeting my mom this weekend.
She said she could bring them both for me to see. I just dont know what to do. any advice? I already feel a bond with Sophie even though I havent ment her but yet the other pup might be better for our family. I want them both :new_Eyecrazy: but thats not possible. What should I do?
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Originally posted by Kallie/Catcher's Mom@Oct 20 2005, 06:36 PM
For example, last night I had a co-worker at my house to do some work on a project that was at deadline. I put Kallie and Catcher in the play pen along with their dog beds. Catcher sat in his bed quietly. Kallie barked and jumped up and down constantly until I finally brought them both in the kitchen where we were working as the barking was driving my co-worker crazy. Catcher sat quietly while Kallie wanted to play ball and was "digging to China" on my co-workers leg and would not settle down the entire time she was here.  There is just a huge difference in their temperaments.
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You just described Peanut and Tic! Peanut sounds just like Catcher and Tic sounds exactly like Kallie. It's scary how different they are and how well they get along.

I agree with everyone. I know it's hard when you've had your heart set on a girl, but I think personality and seeing how well they will fit into your lives is very important. Good luck meeting them and keep us posted
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