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Hi! Congratulations on getting your new dog!

My advice- go with the dog with the personality that will fit best in your family. My husband isn't much of a dog person, so I knew the dog we found would have to be a laid back kinda guy, couldn't be aggressive, or too mischievous. My husband would get irritated if we had a really rambunctious dog. That is one reason I went with a rescue instead of a puppy. I wanted to make sure I got a dog that was done with the puppy phase, and was a bit calmer. Even though my husband isn't much of a dog person- when he picked up our dog, Wilson, Wilson snuggled into my husband and very gently licked the tip of my husband's nose, and my big mean 'ol hubby melted! It was so very sweet!

Is your husband able to go with you this weekend to meet the dogs? It would probably be a good idea if he could go. He might feel more attachment to the dog if he had a hand in picking it out.

Also, the gender doesn't matter- don't pick a dog just because it's a boy or a girl. I prefer male animals over females. In my experience the males are usually the more affectionate ones.

Sophie sounds like a fun dog- but I bet she will be a stubborn go-getter, and that's not the best dog for every family.

Good luck, and I can't wait to hear all about your new baby.
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