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Sparkey boy is back , been a long time!

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Hi everyone :flowers:

I'm still here. so sorry for not being around as much :blush:

Kat send me a lovely Katoon of Sparkey, oh boy is she talented or what?

Sparkey is doing great. been through the usual ups and downs involving food and his tummy. I added a little dog food to his diet and he started to do better, changed the food like 10 times though, lol

ok here is my couch potato
:wub: always has to have a pillow :innocent:

Hey I didn't say you can take my picture !!

the funny haircut is my handy work.

missed you guys :grouphug:
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OMG! Welcome back!!!!! I've missed you and Sparkey!

Sparkey looks amazing!
YAHOOOOOO!!! You're back!!! Oh it's so good to hear from you and see gorgeous Sparkey's happy face.

Now you may be busy, I understand that. But don't ever, EVER stay away that long again! :angry:

Purdy please!:Flowers 2:
I have really missed you and Sparkey, I think of you everytime I put the girls sweaters on them, they wear them in the evenings while we are in AZ it gets cool down there at night.
Sparkey is looking good, he has the sweetest face:wub: I'm so glad your back Fay. HUGS
it's so good to be back, I missed you all :grouphug: Dianne, nice to meet you and Rocky too, yes the hospital is one of the best ones for stroke and heart. we got lucky they took him there.
Wow Fay. Thank God you were home. Sparkey looks beautiful as always.
Welcome back we have missed you and Sparkey and Sparkey looks wonderful!!!
Forgot to add...Sparkey is a cutie...Rocky says HI to his new guy friend.

it's so good to be back, I missed you all :grouphug: Dianne, nice to meet you and Rocky too, yes the hospital is one of the best ones for stroke and heart. we got lucky they took him there.

When you started that Rat story I expected something dramatic, scary and a bit funny. I did not expect what you said next. So glad hubby is doing well. I know how these health crisis tend to take over our lives. Hugs to you and your family.

So glad to see you and Sparky back and prayers for continued recovery to your DH.
Oh my goodness Faye, what a scare. So glad your husband made it back. Your handy work on Sparkey is not bad at all. He looks great.
Nice to see you and little Sparky!
OMG :w00t: Fay, welcome back. :chili: First, Sparkey Boy is just as adorably cute as always.:wub: That 2nd picture, awwwww, he still has the sweetest little face ever.
When I was reading your post about the rat,it was so funny,I always love your funny details. But, then I got so scared about your poor DH. What an awful nightmare for you both. I'm glad he made it through & is on the mend. I don't know how you kept your wits about you so well. Now, you tell your DH not to go chasing rats anymore. I'm really happy to see you & Sparkey back again.:aktion033:
Faye and Sparkey are back!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

Faye, I've missed you and Sparkey so much! I miss seeing his pics and little videos.

I'm sorry about your hubby's ordeal. That must have been so scary, but you really held it together (not sure I'd be able to do that). And, I'm so happy he is on the mend. Will keep him in my my prayers that he has a complete healing.


Oh I am so glad to hear hubby is okay. That had to be scarey. And Sparkey is one handsome little guy. Many hugs.
Faye, I'm glad your hubby is okay. I can't imagine how scary that must have been for you. I'm so glad you are back. You and Sparky have really been missed.
I'm so glad hubby is OK - thank goodness you were right there with him. And Sparky is a doll!
Glad your husband's OK and y'all are doing well. It's good to see Sparky again.
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