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This morning I noticed some spots on Toby's chest. They are dark in color and not raised. They remind me of the spots that I have on my hands due to sun damage...tsk, tsk. They don't seem to be bothering him...he doesn't scratch so I don't know if these are just 'things' that appear on malts skin. or what. Can anyone explain? By the way, my 'King of the Universe' is one year old today, so, Happy Birthday Dear Toby, Happy Birthday to youuuu.
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There's nothing wrong. My Abbey has spots all over her. I always tell her that I love her little "Cow Belly"!!!! :wub: I call marks. :thumbsup:

Archie and Ava don't have them.
My Libby has some dark spots on her muzzle. I think it's pigment where the sun can reach her skin.
Hunter doesn't have much pink skin left! When he is in the bath he is all spotted - it doesn't show through his hair much but its so darn cute when he's soaking wet!
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