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Hi! I need some advice. Kylee is starting an agility class at the end of October and I started working on the Stay command with her. What Ive been doing is giving her the sit command and then the stay command. I will walk one step away, come back treat then release her with "all done" (thats our release phrase from puppy class). I continue with the command then walk two steps away, treat, one step, treat, around the table treat and release. I basically vary the distance I go and the amount of times I go back and treat her before I release her. Well...she is very hot and cold with it. Some sessions she will do great- her little butt wont leave the floor till I release her. Other times, its like every time I say the word "stay" she will get up and run to me. So after I've gone on and on :-/ my real question is- how long until she picks this up? I feel like I'm fighting an uphill battle. Am I doing this right? I mean, I dont expect her to sit in one spot for 3 hours and not move but I am striving for her to realize that stay means stay put every time. Thanks in advance for advice!
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