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I have a couple of food related questions.

Daisy is now 12 months old. I've been microwaving her food in a little water to soften it ever since I got her (she is now eating 50% Wellness Puppy and 50% Artemis Puppy). She is not a great eater. I experimented with giving it to her as it comes from the bag, and she refuses it. I don't want to leave the food out all day. I want her to eat and then poop when I take her out at about 8 AM before I leave the house (she is alone until 3 PM during the school week).


1) To get her to eat quickly, I have been adding a teaspoon of cooked grated fresh chicken (or sometimes just a little chicken gravy) to the softened puppy food. That works great and she gobbles the food up in a few minutes. I realize that "if she is hungry enough she'll eat" but am I really messing her up by indulging her with the chicken or gravy each meal?

2) Is softening the food also bad? I brush her teeth every night.

3) She licks her paws a lot. I have read that this could be allergy related. Any advice on another food to try?

4) When should I start regular (not puppy) food?

Any input on these questions is appreciated!
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