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Storing Dry Dog Food

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Interesting article.. I'll be sure and just buy small bags and keep them in the bags instead of pouring it into a container if I use kibble. Thanks for sharing Suzan! :D
I freeze my cats' kibble in the bag. I only defrost enough to last a few days.
Thank you for sharing this information. I will certainly heed to the advice given.

That is an excellent article . Thank you so much. I like the Acana bags cause they have a zip seal and I always test it to see if air comes in and if it is zipped properly. My cani-source on the other hand comes packaged with a twist tie and in a box. I'm wondering if I should put the kibble in a freezer safe bag and keep it in the freezer and then just take out a week's worth at a time?
I have one of those plastic containers made for dog food.....and I've been dumping the food into it and throwing the bag away!!!! :w00t::w00t::w00t:

Won't do that anymore. But i cant start until the next bag.....

Thanks for the "heads up" :thumbsup:
I like the Acana too, because I buy the small trial sized bags. Costs more but at least I know it is pretty fresh.
Wow glad i switched to Dr Harveys I keep the bag in my refridge...
Yep, my brother had told me about this so I don't store Aolani's food in a container. I felt so bad for my mom though because she went out and got him a container just for that purpose (she LOVES Aolani) and I told her I couldn't use it for that. She was heartbroken, but I told her Aolani will live longer if I just keep his food in the bag it comes in and she felt better :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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