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Stroller Advice

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Hello Yall! I'm thinking of buying a stroller...I have 3 malts...the boy JoJo loves to go for his walks (twice a day) with my hubby. My 2 girls (Mia & Macy) will NOT walk on a leash. Since I got them when they were older, I'm wondering if they will even take to a stroller. My kid's want to get me one, so I'm hoping it won't be a waste. I'd like one that has 2 built in leash holders.....Can yall reccommend one that's not too expensive...I'd hate for the kid's to spend too much on something I may not be able to use.

Hugs, Blanche
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I have this one.

Kittywalk Pink pet stroller for dogs and cats

Both girls fit in it wonderfully. I think they like being lower to the ground as it seems more like a walk. Also it has a lot more ventilation so they don't get as hot but can get under the canopy if they need shade.

This is not where I bought mine as it was only about $75. You can search ebay or the web for a much less expensive price on it.
I got Lady's first stroller when she was 11 years old and she took to it right away! In fact, we just got back from our nightly stroller walk.

I have the pink Pet Gear Happy Tails stroller that was one of the first ones to come out. I love it, but I know there are many choices now.

This is the best website to buy strollers from IMO. Great prices and free shipping.

Just Pet Strollers - Pet strollers, dog strollers, and cat strollers.
I got Hunter a stroller and he took to it very well. He doesn't like to be in it if he wants to walk but will let us know when he's done with it or wants in. We only use it if we are going on long walks but when he recently hurt his leg we used it more often and it was very nice to see him so happy to still be able to enjoy his favorite walk - even from a little higher up. We got ours at the link posted by Marj above!
Stroller Decision

Thanks for the links everybody...I looked at the strollers and I think I've made my mind up to get the "Pet Gear Happy Trails Pink Plus Pet Stroller" I hope both girls will fit in it together (they weigh less than 15 lbs. combined). I noticed that one didn't have built in leashes though, I'm thinking I could probably sew some in myself if I find they really need them.

Hugs, Blanche
So do any of yall have the stroller I'm going to buy and are yall able to put 2 malties in it??

Hugs, Blanche
So do any of yall have the stroller I'm going to buy and are yall able to put 2 malties in it??

Hugs, Blanche
That's the one I have and love. I just put 7.5 lb. Lady in it, but you probably could put two in there if they don't mind being really close together.

You don't need leash straps because the mesh cover makes it completely enclosed.

One possible drawback is that it doesn't have a bar in the front so it wouldn't work if you want to use it with the mesh cover unzipped. That doesn't bother me at all because it keeps strangers from touching Lady when we are out for our walks, but I thought I'd point it out.
Marj...I'm glad you said that about no front bar...That made me change my mind...I want to be able to use it with no canopy sometimes....So I'm gonna get the "Petzip Sports XL Pet stroller" I wanted a pink stroller....but I'm going to have to settle for the "spring green" color, which is very pretty too. Thanks again !

Hugs, Blanche
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