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Suggestions for a discreet pet tote?

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Looking for a black dog tote that doesn't look like a carrier, but more like a purse. I like the look of the Kwigy Bo London style totes, but I'd like one in black and the London comes in browns.

Does anyone know of a (perhaps lesser-known that I'm not seeing online) pet tote in black that I can use to carry Nikki into places unseen/unnoticed? Thanks!
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How about the Kwigy Bo Alex and Alex Luxe? I've heard rave reviews about them.

I'm sure Maggie/Luvmyfurbaby could get them for a lot less.

Kwigy.Bo : Shop : Alex

Kwigy.Bo : Shop : Alex Luxe - Black Patent : KB-AB700 :
Thanks. Someone very nice is giving me a bag, so all is resolved!!
Just what I have been looking for!! Thanks for the links!
Check out PETOTE as well.

Some of their bags look just like purses!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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