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Here's the deal, I took Summer out to my mom and brother 's they lives down the street ( out in the country) from each other. Anyway my neice just got the cutiest little min. schnauzer 2 mos. old the fiestest little thing.. The problem she just walked all over poor Summer
Summer would chase and play with her (someone smaller than her
) but the little Schnauzer was diffidently putting Summer in her place.
Now at home Christy our Laso is the alpha, Summer will wait for her to leave the food or water dish etc
I really felt bad for Summer, she's a verylow key loveable dog very friendly the question is will she be this shy and I hate to say this wimpy
with other dogs? Not thatIreally care..
Its almost like she didn't know what to do with this little burst of energy!
maybe I just answered my own question :lol: She was just
in shock because here was someone smaller and faster than her

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Don't get me wrong I love Summer just the way she is . I was just a little suprised thats all because she is so friendly to our cat Joey and dog Christy she loves to play with both of them .. Joey is the funniest he acts like he doesn't like Summer . but let her start playing with him and what fun to watch he is sooo gentle with her NEVER does he put his claws out just kind of swats her :lol:
I love Summer Just the way she is likes to play, take naps and she hardy ever barks ..and LOVES everyone..
I must say I came home the other day and the back door was locked and I had to knock and
I hear bark, bark
I was so shocked my son opens the door and he's holding her and I'm like was she the good watch dog or does she just know its me She gets soo excited when anyone comes thur that door

I've never had a dog like her she's the best thing ever

Oops I forgot she's my daughters dog
yah right
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