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Summer Break

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Myah stays home all day by herself. My children are on Summer Break, so now Myah hangs out with them all day. I wonder when the kids go back to school will Myah have separation anxiety. How do you handle this?
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well im pretty sure dolce is going to go thru the same thing now.
Well I can relate with you all on this one. My mother in law is off during the summer also and she watches Bailey for us. I do believe are babies will have seperation anxiety. I always leave the TV for bailey and her favorite stuffed elephant with her and that seems to do the job.
Be sure she gets put up for a few hours every day and left home alone at other times.
I agree that it will help to continue 'alone time' on a reg basis thru the summer, so the sudden change back when school starts isn't so 'drastic".
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