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summer clipping/puppy cuts

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I just gave Bud & Sweetie their summer cuts (short puppy cuts) and they look great.
sure wish my camera was working.

But what I wanted to pass on was how I did their feet. Which turned out exceptionally well. Better than usual.

I had them stand, combed the hair over the paw, and just trimmed little ovals. The result was a neat clean cut that looks so! It looks professional even if they rest of them is short! I have always found their feet to be a challange. I always start by cleaning the pads really well, clipping the nails, and then doing my best to make their feet even.

This method worked well, because I was trimming all four paws (well 8 paws in my case)
and making the perfect little ovals If one paw got sensitive,and they lifted up, I merely went onto another paw, and worked on that one. I held them by supporting their belly, and it has never gone so well for me!!!!! (remember I had another malt for years too!)

Just thought I would pass it along!
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That's great that they came out so well!
I always have a hard time with their feet too...Peanut had one extra big paw for a while
Everytime I tried to even it out it still seemed so big
Thanks for the tip
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