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heini & me going close to the water (heini is afraid of swimming)

is very handy when your thirsty....

but have a swim?

mhh, I'm not sure about that :blink:

I rather go on the shore again!

wanna see how it went on?:blush:

then have a look at this :aktion033:

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Becky and Heini you made my day, love the music:sHa_banana::Happy_Dance::whistle: So Heini did you dig your way to China:supacool:
That video was picked the perfect song for it! Heini seems to be enjoying himself immensely. He must have been tired after all that digging!
That was sooo much fun to watch!!! Thank you for posting!!
Heini you certainly had a down and dirty good time! Water you going to do next? :)
OMG, love the video!!! Heini you certainly made my day! :)
OMG too cute! I love the dirt nose he gave himself lololol!!! Thanks so much for sharing :D
Thanks for sharing! Heini is just too cute!!
love you heini ur soo cute!
Heini sure is an adventurous little guy! He looks like he had a wonderful time!

What a pretty place!!
oh lay oh lay....You Go Heini!!!! HOW ADORABLE! Heini has the absolute best adventures!!! Love him!!!
Heini, Aolani and I sure do love watching you live freely among nature. You're always going on some wonderful adventure and he hopes to join you one day. Until then, please continue to share these great experiences with us on SM :)
Heini's adventures are always such a joy to watch!!! He sure looked like he was having a good time even if a bit skeptical about the water.. LOL he is such a cutie-pie! :wub:
Heini. We sure do love your adventures.
He sure looked like he was having fun,sand and all. Reminds me of ours at the dog beach in Bonita Springs..but oohhh the sand to clean up...I'd do it again,fun times are special,clean up is no biggie...
What a wonderful video!!! My Rameses loves to do those things too!
than you my friends, OHHHH yes,

heini has a fabulous time at that tiny little sand beach. I have to say it is quite dirty and gruffy there, abut even more so, he loves playing there and digging his way t china (@matildas mommy :w00t::thumbsup:)

and afterwars we wash feeties and belly in the clear and cool river and that's fine. by the time we are home, the rest of the sand is nearly all gone.

and that is the only way to have a walk when it is so hot. I don't want heini do get heat-shock or something. and the river is only 5 minutes away from home.
Looks like you and Heini have found the perfect spot for summertime fun! :thumbsup:
Just have seen this post after sending a pm to you, LOL :HistericalSmiley:!

I'm happy to see you had a wonderful time in the meanwhile! That's the perfect walk to the cool river right now! Puuh, it's so hot here, too!

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Becky!

Alexandra :wub:
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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