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Super, fantasic GREAT news--DH got a job!!!

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and not just any job--a super, fantastic GREAT job!! LOL. For a MAJOR company. I'm sill in shock--we couldn't sleep last night.

The written offer will be arriving in the next several days. THEN he will give his boss of 15 years his 2 week notice. A few contingencies like education verification, drug test and physical exam--which he will all pass easily.

He will be a purchasing specialist--in charge of negotiating international, multi-million dollar contracts. This coming from a po-dunk company of under a dozen people that made about 1 million a year on a good year.

And another thing--I got a promotion this week. They are actually completely re-writing my labor category so I will be in an entirely new pay bracket. We'll see how it all pans out. I'm waiting for them to sit me down and discuss. If it's not soon i will initiate convo.

Backstory for those of you who do not know...a few years ago I was a SAHM and things were getting very, very tight for us financially--THEN DH's job got downsized to parttime and he lost some benefits. So I had to come back to work full time. Wow, what a leap it as for me--so stressful. We have been FULL of stress going on a few years now.

Sooooo....honestly, this all seems WAY too good to be true. I think I won't believe it until he actually is sitting in his new office. Both of us couldn't sleep last night--such a flood of emotions.

The bad news is that I lost my debit card yesterday and also that YoYo had his annual physical and my boy is way overweight!! I was stunned--I'll share more in another thread here in anything goes (since he is not a Maltese I am not allowed to share in the behavior/health section).

So wanted to share the good news!!! Please wish us luck! Thank you, all, for being there for me over these difficult times and pulling for me and praying for my family!!! :ThankYou::grouphug::smilie_daumenpos:
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OMG Pam, I am so HAPPY for you and your family!! This is GREAT news to share with everyone.......You will be able to splurge and have more fun!!

On a down note, a girl that I worked with that I loved, called me last month and in the middle of our conversation on catching up, she told me she and her husband are losing their home. I was so sad and I tried to call her this week and her telephone has been disconnected. This economy is just devastating.

Your news is just the BEST!!! It is time things were looking ROSY for you!!!
Everything is looking up for you now! Enjoy it!! :chili:

Things always change, so when you catch a break - CELEBRATE!!!!
That is wonderful news to hear. So happy for you and your family!!!
Wohoooo CONGRATS ^_^ I am so happy for u and your family :D

Wohooo ^_^ Congrats :D I am so happy for u and your family.

This is such great news! Congratulations to you both. Enjoy a special treat this weekend.
That's fantastic news!! I couldn't be happier for you. I'm sure this new job will take off a lot of stress and life will get better. Things are turning around, enjoy it!!
Congratulations to your husband.
Exciting News!!! Congrats to your Hubby & You. I hope everything works out smoothly.

Poor YoYo. Wt. watchers for him.
Fantastic news! Congrats!
Fabulous news!! Congrats! You guys deserve it so much!
That is Fantastic news... Congratulations!!!! I'm glad in this economy people are still catching breaks!!!!! :)
I am so thrilled for you and your family!!! I hope this is your break!
Yea for you and your family! Thanks for sharing the good news.
wonderful , congrats!
Praise God Pam, I know how your family has been struggling
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