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What kind of suppliments do you give to your fluff?
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My girls have been on NuVet Plus since day one. Their breeder keeps all her dogs on it. It is supposed to strengthen the immune system.
I home cook, so I use more supplements than someone who feeds commercial dog food, which has a vitamin/mineral/supplement mix in it, if it is a premium brand. Right now, I am using supplements from Animal Essentials. Animal Essentials - Premium quality supplements for dogs and cats

If I fed my dogs commercial dog food, I'd be sure to use Animal Essentials plant enzymes and probiotics every day.
I also homecook for Lady so I use a lot of supplements to balance her meals. In addition to that, she gets Cosequin for her arthritis, Marin and Denosyl for her liver (she has liver disease from many years of seizure medication). I also use Colostrum to boost her immune system, Animal Essentials probiotics and fish oil.
I use Solid Gold Seameal, some Omega 3 oil, and a Vitamin C supplement, I use the Seameal everyday but the others a few times a week.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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