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Surprises are such fun!!!!!

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What a surprise! I came home from work yesterday and a package was sitting there on the kitchen table. hummmm, wonder what that could be...did I order something???

Well it turns out Lynn (Lacie's mom) sent these adorable little dresses to Miss Ava!!!!!!! WOW WEE!!!!!! FIVE dresses!!!!!!

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I think the sailor dress is my favorite :aktion033:
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It was too hot to do a whole fashion show yesterday, but ......soon...... this is so exciting!!!!

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OMG that Ava is too cute in that dress and all those dresses are adorable!! :wub:
That was so nice of Lynn and such a great surprise.
that was so nice f her and ava looks adorable , those dresses are beautiful!
Now that is a WONDERFUL surprise!!! That little cutie pie is one lucky little girl. Can't wait to see the rest of the fashion show!!
Aww, perfect for the little beauty!!!
Ava was always a beauty queen. Now she is a supermodel!! :wub::wub:

That was so nice of Lynn. Now, please get busy showing us the other four dresses!!
Wow that was really sweet of lynn! She looks darling!
YES :aktion033: We want a fashion show!!!.. what a blessing to come in the mail from a friend.:wub:
Now that Miss Ava has been cut-down, we need to ensure that she has enough clothes to keep up with her sister Abbey. After all, Ava needs to become a major fashionista.

So glad you like them. I love her in the Navy. (But then, is there anything that Ava wouldn't look good in??!!!) She's just soooooooooooooo adorable.
That was so nice of Lynn! Such cute dresses.
So cute! Ava looks totally into this fashion
Lynn is so thoughtful! The dresses are darling!
How sweet of her! I can't wait for the fashion show!! :wub:
What adorable dresses! The sailor one is my favorite too!
Lynn is so thoughtful! Loveeeeeeee Miss Ava in her sailor dress! So cute!! :wub::wub:
The little sailor dress is my favorite also. That was so very sweet of Lynn.
Oh my...hope it's not Fleet Week out there! With Miss Ava in that darling Navy Sailor dress, she will have all those sailor boys after her! :w00t:

That was super sweet of Lynne! Ava is sooooooo darling. I know how much fun you're having dressing her.
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