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Sweetness & Tessa on Vacation (sorry - lots of pics)

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Mommy took us on a fun vacation. We drove a long time to someplace she called Shawnee.

We're ready - let's hit the road!

Finally, our cabin! See our playpen???

We're hanging out on the front porch. Mommy really liked this screened in porch and we had breakfast here every morning.

Mommy drove us up and down lots of pretty roads.

Mommy wouldn't let us go with her to see these rocks. She said something about "poison ivy" whatever that is.

We think this one looks like a duck. Quack!

(More to come in next post)
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Hanging out by the Ohio River.

We had a busy day!

Tessa has a new boyfriend - his name's Dozer! That's short for Bulldozer!

We barked and barked at these people.

We barked at these people, too!

Mommy told us not to bark at this man so we only barked a little!

(One more set of photos to go)
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Tessa made another new friend!

But then we had to pack our bags to head for home!

See? Cabin is all nice and clean again!

We had lunch at the rest area. Yum!

That's all folks!! Thanks for looking at our vacation pictures!
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Looks like the three of you had a blast! Your babies are just too precious. That playpen is awesome btw!!!
Oh my goodness! I love that you shared so many pictures and pointed out the duck rock! lol It really does look like a duck! Your babies are just too precious! :wub:
Looks like fun, I was at a cabin last week too, we could have gone together. We even met a black Lab. LOL. I'll have to post my pics.
oh WOW! What great fun! It looks like you all reall enjoyed yourselves and like Tessa and Sweetness behaved really well - aside from the barking, which I'm sure they had a very good reason for, they always do ;-) I love all the pics and I def. do see a duck in that one pic. I also love how they role in style. They must be the perfect companions. Thank you for sharing :)
what cute pictures!! Tessa and Sweetness sure had a wonderful adventure but good thing mom made them stay away from the poison ivy - that wouldn't have been fun at all!
Hmm, Cardinals fan. LOL

Yeah baby, it's so nice to see you, beautiful Maggie. And of course, Sweetness and Tessa, always beautiful and so photogenic. Awesome pictures.
Adorable pictures! What a fun vacation! Your babies are sooooo cute! :wub::wub:
Ooh what an adventure! Tessa and Sweetness look fab! Great photos!
What a great vacation! Such a beautiful area and so peaceful. It looks like Sweetness and Tessa had a ball. :aktion033:
Maggie I love the pics of your girls! What great little travelers they are. B&E are going on vacay with us next weekend, I hope they travel as well as Sweetness and Tessa. My favorite pic is the one of them sleeping on your lap. Vacations are all about resting. The girls look fully rested and extra happy!
those r awesome pics , looks likeu all had a greattime , love the pic of the fluffs sleeping on ur lap , too too cute! i saw the duck in the rocks too .lol
Love the pictures. Sounds like you had a good time and did a lot of relaxing.
wow what a great time :) they seemed to really enjoy it, as did you! the cabin was beautiful and their play pen was really cool. you're right, that rock did look like a duck! lol
How fun! It really looks like the girls (and everyone else! lol) had a wonderful time on vacation. What a great area you had nearby to explore. You are so right, that rock does look like a duck! LOL
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