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WHen I first rescued Vi, she had really bad tear and butt and feet stains. But after being with me for a couple weeks, her eyes stopped watering and slowly her stains went away. I found that the change in her diet made all the difference :) I don't treat her with anything. She eats a dogfood from my feed store called Hunters Blend. ($20 for 50 lbs...I have 5 dogs). It's 26% protein and something like 16% fat. I thought it was pretty decent but as soon as I change it to anything else she starts to tear up. So I keep her on this :)
btw, her feet stains were from the urine soaked cage she lived in for her 4 years of life before I got her. That just grew out ;)
Good luck! I'm sure people have lots of other suggestions. Have you tried searching the topic? I'm positive there's lots of threads on this subject lol
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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