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Teething questions

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Poppy has been very restless this last week. He normally sleeps until I get up, but this past week he gets up and hour or two before ... bark, bark, barking. I take him outside, and he pees and sometimes poohs. I bring him back in, put him in the crate, and he will not settle down. He barks non-stop. So, I eventually get up with him (this morning it was after he had pee'd and pooh'd, and 45 minutes into him being back in the crate.)

Yesterday I looked down and saw a tooth. It was one of his lower canines, so he is obviously in full teething mode. So now this makes me wonder if his not sleeping well is related to that. ??

We sleep with our bedroom pretty cold, so I decided that today I am going to take off our heavy comforter and just put a blanket on the bed, so we can sleep with the windows closed ... and the room not so cold. I know if I don't feel well, I like to be warm, so maybe he's not feeling snuggly enough?

Is there anything else I can do right now to help him be more comfortable?

Do you think his restless behavior is due to the teething?

We have a vet appointment tomorrow, and we'll discuss going ahead and scheduling his neuter, and have Dr. Berg look at his teeth. Seeing that none of his siblings or parents ever had to have any teeth extracted, I'm hoping this is the case with Poppy too. I'd like to go ahead and get him neutered, as he is now officially the Humpmeister!! :hump:

Any information you can give on teething and how to help him be more comfortable will be appreciated.

Big HUGz and Happy Mother's Day to you all!! :wub: Jules
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