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Last night was class #2. All this past week we were supposed to be learning "sit" and "watch me". We practiced "Watch me" but not the other because I want her to learn "Stand" before "sit".

Yesterday we went to class and 2 of the larger puppies were playing during free time. At first, Terra, was afraid and even started drooling. So I held her until the others settled down. Then she sat at my feet for awhile watching everything. The largest puppy (a bloodhound!) came over and sniffed Terra. Terra held still and even sniffed a bit back. The bloodhound was very gentle and I was pround of Terra for engaging a bit.

When it came time to show the class our sits and watch me commands, all the puppies seemed to perform beautifully, except Terra. She was still really afraid so she didn't even go for the Turkey Kielbasa I brought! (which she devoured during our practice at home). So back in the lap she went.

The teacher then taught us "down", "stand" and "leave it" and also went and brought a small pad for Terra to stand on (instead of cold concrete). That really seemed to help as during the last 10 minutes of the class, she was engaged with me and actually was doing really well with "leave it" and her kielbasa. :chili:

So I see slow progress. I am continuing to take her to as many places as I can. She goes with me to my kid's gymnastics and all the kids pet her very sweetly. She doesn't shy away as much anymore.

I am thinking about entering her into the next show I go to. I know she will be shy and afraid, but I think she needs that time in the ring. What do you all think? Or do you think she needs more time to come out of her shell?

that is all....:thumbsup:
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