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Tessa with Angel's Mom at NMR Picnic

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One more picture from the picnic - Lynne (Angel's Mom) was able to come. Since she didn't bring Angel this year, I loaned her Sweetness and Tessa!

"Awntie Lynne - fank you for coming to da picnic! We wuved seeing you again!"
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that pic is soo sweet!
awww....I really like that one! It seems all the good events are always so far from me!
aw i love that photo :)
What a great picture! Both ladies look marvelous!
Wowza! Lynne came without Angel? :faint:

Great pic of two very beautiful ladies.:thumbsup:
love the picture, Lynne you have such a relaxed look on your face, I love it
What a fabulous picture! Lynne you look wonderful!
That is just too too sweet!
What a sweet picture!!! And, Lynne, you look GREAT!!!!
I agree ..... Lynne, you look great!
Loved the picture.
Lynne is looking great!! And of course Tessa is adorable!
Lynne - I've never seen you. What a treat. You look just as sweet as I thought you'd be.:wub: and you've got a little extra Sweetness on the side:) somewhere. Love the photo of you and Tessa.:chili:
awwwh what a sweet picture :) I bet that Lynne was in fluffy heaven there with you and all the other human beings.. it is so nice to be around these precious fluffs

That's a marvelous picture of you both ladies!

Nice to hear you had a nice picnic! :thumbsup:

Alexandra :wub:
Great photo of you both...looks like a fun event.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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