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Thank u andrea ( iheartbisou) !!!!!

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:wub: Dolce wants to thank u and bisou for his amazing japanese treat ball !!! It arrived saturday and dolce couldnt be happier , pics will come soon.. at first he was scared of the ball .lol but when he noticed it produced treats he was in love ... Thank u both for being sweet .. oo and dolce says he doesnt mind it being pink , he says hes very manly regardless..

thank u much !!!
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Andrea and Bisou are so thoughtful - can't wait to see pics!
awww poor Dolce..first he gets a pink ball and then it scares him! I'm glad he's okay with it now and that he's confident enough to not let the color pink bother him!! lol!
andrea he loves it now !! he was playing with it all day yesterday... i didnt take pics cause i had left cam at work , will take pics tonite... thank u much !!
can't wait to see pictures:chili: Andrea what a wonderful gift
How sweet of her! I can't wait to see pictures either!!
That is so sweet of Andrea and Bisou!! I know your baby will love it once he gets over being timid of the ball!!:chili:
How lovely :) Andrea is very sweet and we all heartbisou ;)
That was so sweet of Andrea and Bisou, i can't wait to see pics.
i know your baby will have so much fun with it!!
What a cool gift. :chili: Can't wait to see pix of Dolce playing with it. Tell him that pink's the new blue.:HistericalSmiley: Tyler loves his pink monkey and thinks Dolce should feel secure in his little macho-ness. How thoughtful of Andrea and Bisou. :wub:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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