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Just wanted to say thank you so much to all of you for taking the time to share all the wonderful photos from the Nationals. They are all incredible!

Also want to say, I am so heartsick at all the negative nonsense that took place at the Hotel. It's more then appalling and out and out cruel. I feel for all of you, and especially those who were directely effected. All of you handeld it with far better grace and professionalism then I or my hubby ever could have. I hope the Hotel corrects this awful behaviour even though the damage has truly been done.

The pictures are more then impressive and so are all of you for how you were able to handle things.

May this sort of thing never happened ever again to any of you, or to any other group who puts their trust in a Hotel that agrees to house a show.

Again, thank you for all the wonderful pictures, they all are incredilbe and even moreso, now knowing all that you were enduring.

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I felt the same way .The pictures were amazing from everone...So many beautiful dogs...And of course even the ones not participating.
Its just a shame that there was the poorest customer service i ever read .I would hope that there Cooperate Headquarters got many letters and calls.
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