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Thank you Leslie and Crystal!!!

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Crystal and Leslie - thank you both so very much - Leslie for opening up your home and Crystal for having a birthday party for Callie. We had a wonderful time with so many fluffs running around - and they are all so adorable! All of the pups in my car were asleep before too long on the way home!!!

Hugs to you!

Maggie, Sweetness and Tessa
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Yep, thanks you guys! Tiffany and I had a wonderful time. Everyone was super nice too. :aktion033:
Thank you for coming!! And also Debbie, Joey and Lilly. :wub: Big HUGE thank you to Leslie for opening up her home. The dogs were running around and playing like ca-raaaa-zy when we were just breaking up. We've decided to try and do this again yet this fall so hopefully all the fluffs will remember each other and start to play right away.

Mine are EXHAUSTED! I've just gotten home and fed the fluffs. I'll download pics tomorrow and try to get them posted. Me and my crew had a ball!! Loved meeting everyone!
I thought of you girls yesterday thinking about the great time you must be having. I can't wait to see pics!!!!!!!!
Thanks for hosting such a fun party! It was great meeting everyone and the pups had a blast. We look forward to seeing everyone again soon!
Thank you everyone for coming!

We had so much fun! The dogs were exhausted and had a ball. They slept like rocks from the time you all left until this morning!

I will never forget Wedge racing around the yard with Joey running full speed behind him trying to keep up and all the maltese right behind Joey. It was wonderful to see all the dogs getting along and playing.

I can't wait to see the pictures!
sounds like maltese heaven cant wait to see pics !!! and magee those siggy pics are adorable !!!
sounds like everyone had a great time.:clap: I wish I could have been there with the girls, can't wait to see pictures:chili:
I bet everyone had a great time -- fluffs included. Can't wait to see the pictures. :)
OK, where are the pictures. We're waiting.
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